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What is Google Hacking?

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Google hacking involves using advanced operators in the google search engine to locate the specific string of text withing search result. Google hacking doesnt mean that we are going to hack into the google website, it means we use operators provided by google to narrow the search results and to get the specific result as we want.

Generally we call these operators as google dorks.We use these dorks with the string that we want to search.

Google Dorks

We have lot of dorks which we will discuss in this post one by one.

  • site
  • inurl
  • intitle
  • allintitle
  • allinurl
  • cache
  • numrange
  • filetype or ext
  • link
  • inanchor
  • allintext
  • intext
  • *
  • **
  • .
  • |
  • +
  • -

Above is the list of Google dorks which can use to get the efficient search results or can be use as hacking purpose. We will discuss in the next post how use these dorks in hacking.


site dork restricts the results to the specified domain. We can use this dork to find all the pages and subdomains of the specified domain.



google hacking

As we can see we use site dork to find all pages and subdomain of


inurl dork restricts the results to site whose URL contains all the specified phrase or word or string.

Example: inurl:admin

The above example we use admin string with inurl dork. It will show all the website whose URL contains admin word.




intitle restricts results to documents whose title contains the specified phrase or word or string.

Example: intitle:hacking

It will show you all the sites with the word hacking in the title.

you can copy and paste this example to google and see the result.


allintitle is almost same as intitle with little difference. it will restricts results to document whose title containig all the specified phrases or collection or word. intitle can show the results that matched single word from phrase we typed.

Example: allintitle:hacking books

Example dork will show all the pages that have title hacking books


allinurl is same as inurl but with some difference. It restricts results to sites whose URL contains all the specified phrases, but iurl can show sites which contain even single word from the phrase.

Example: allinurl: admin login


cache dork will show the cached version of the site or page of the specified site.

Example: cache:

filetype or ext

It will show all the site which contain document of the specified type.

Example: filetype:pdf or ext:pdf



It will restricts results to sites containing links to the specified location.

Example: link:

It will show result documents containing one or more links to


It will restricts results to sites containing liks with the specified phrase in their descriptions. inanchore dork will show all the sites which contains links with specified word or phrase.

Example: inanchor:click

Example will show all the site which have links with the text click


it will show all the result pages or sites which contains the specified text or phrase in the text of site.

Example: intext:hacking

Example dork will show all the pages of site which contain hacking phrase in the text.


allintext is same as intext but it will show that results which contain all the text specified in the text of the page or site.

Example: allintext: hacking world

The above dork will show all the sites which contain the exact hacking world in the text of the sites page.


+ is used in google hacking like we use in programming and maths. + in concatination operator which used to concat to strings.

Example : hello + world

The above will show all the results which contain hallo and world both words.


| is another operator which is used in google hacking. | means OR like logical operators.

When we use this operator search engine performs logical or operation.

Example: hello | world

This example will show all the site which contain hello or world or both of them.


*wild card for single word.

Example: fire * fox

The above dork will return documents containing the phraselike fire anyword fox

anyword means any thing like the, in , go, for etc.


This is wildcard for single character.


The search engine puts any character or space or anything in place of .

so the result will show all the pages which containg like fire-fox, fireafox, firePfox etc.

Source: starthacking

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