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How Do I Know Which iPhone Model I Have?

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How can I tell which iPhone model I own?

You can find your iPhone model number by looking at the small text on the back of the iPhone. There should be something that says "Model AXXXX". Match that to the list below to find out which iPhone model you own.

A1522 - iPhone 6 Plus
A1524 - iPhone 6 Plus
A1549 - iPhone 6
A1586 - iPhone 6
A1533 - iPhone 5s
A1530 - iPhone 5s
A1457 - iPhone 5s
A1453 - iPhone 5s
A1532 - iPhone 5c
A1529 - iPhone 5c
A1507 - iPhone 5c
A1456 - iPhone 5c
A1428 - iPhone 5
A1429 - iPhone 5
A1442 - iPhone 5
A1387 - iPhone 4S
A1431 - iPhone 4S
A1349 - iPhone 4
A1332 - iPhone 4
A1325 - iPhone 3GS
A1303 - iPhone 3GS
A1324 - iPhone 3G
A1241 - iPhone 3G
A1203 - iPhone

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