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Sayed Bashir Ahmad Noori - ??? ???? ???? ????Hello and welcome to my official website! This is Sayed Bashir Noori, IT and Web Professional from Afghanistan. I grew up in Afghanistan, surrounded by a holy family and strong community and enjoy hang out with friends in my free time.

I’ve studied Computer Science (BCS) with some useful IT & Web development short courses and trainings in different countries; meanwhile I’m searching and learning new technologies by myself by swimming into the ocean of internet which had extremely efficient tool of learning of all times. The initial practical career began in 2008 with experience different national and multinational organizations in the field of IT & Network, Web development, Database development and Graphic designing. In the result of tremendous success due to my outstanding performance I have been put in practice with experienced and inspirational elderly  people, combined with my growing interests in technology and social life and as well as work life.

Beside my official work in the government and non-government sectors, my part time efforts has always been in maintaining my reputation in the market as a web developer by creating new websites for multiple companies around the world which can be accessed in my portfolio page. Sustention of well reputation requires regular efforts thus I spend a lot of time working on my clients website’s in order to ensure their satisfaction by consecutive check on created websites by providing them to enjoy the updated technologies.

On the other hand for many companies I designed the company promotional materials such as logos, brochures, company profiles, business cards, file folders, banners, letterheads and other graphic stuff.
Video designing and editing such as advertisements, documentaries and short clips has also been a part of my work and source of income. So I can brand your business to make stand out from your competitors.

photography%2C bashir noori%2C kabul afghanistanThe photography training course with ISAF had led me towards photography of different shoot with different Camera configuration such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.  You might see the photo gallery page for clear understanding my photography experience.

For any inquiry feel free please let me know (contact me here), I would appreciate any comments, questions and advices.

Thank you for reading!

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